Siestaria is an ongoing artistic research project that can take various forms, including workshops, installations, and dream concerts. The project focuses on the ideas of dream listening, dream translation, and oneiric cartographies. Each event is captured and stored on this website, creating a communal and fictional map that expands and intertwines with each new addition. Through this map, dreamers can connect with each other, even if they have never met before. Siestaria is constantly evolving and adapting to present needs, serving as a dynamic and intimate space.

The word ‘siestaria’ comes from the noun siesta (nap). There are some ‘siestiarios’ scattered in some parts of the world, spaces in the middle of the city where people can sleep for a while. We modified the term to feminine, with a final ‘a’ to differentiate our idea of how a communal resting and dreaming space could be. We associate the feminine with care and connection between people, with building a space together.

We understand that dreams are sensitive material and that although there is a relationship with therapeutic work it is not what we focus on and our training does not respond to these needs. We recognize the immense power of dreams as a source of creativity and social significance, as well as valuable historical artifacts that offer a glimpse into a particular era. We do not usually work with the story of the dream in its literal form, but we try to put the verbal aspect in the background.