The experience of confinement during the COVID-19 pandemic sparked a keen interest in dreams and the act of listening in them. We delved into the Deep Listening® practice of composer Pauline Oliveros and the works of playwright IONE, particularly her texts on Listening in Dreams. These sources inspired us to explore the interplay between sound, dreams and space, leading to the creation of dream maps, the study of transitional states of sleep (hypnopompic/hypnagogic), and engaging in the dialogue with dreams as entities.

Siestaria, as we know it today, officially started the first week of February 2023 at LAR (Local de Artes Recientes), a gallery located in La Paternal, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Our first intention was to transform the space into an uncertain situation of a clinic, sanatorium or spa, offering time and space to explore different practices of sharing dreams, listening, being and doing without effort, and try creating a place for collective resting. We developed the proposal to address our constant struggle with existential questions and feelings of purposelessness. We required a common area to exchange tools in order to encourage accessibility and independence. Therefore, we decided to use dreams as the primary component for constructing the space, as it serves as a catalyst. Our belief in the potential of the dream realm, where we are free to act in irrational ways, and where several truths can coexist, motivated this decision.